Bushi Kempo Grading Details


In order to progress through the syllabus a student undertakes examinations commonly called "Gradings". Gradings ensure that the student has the required knowledge and understanding to move to a higher level of training. In each grading, the student is tested not only on the grade he or she is attempting, but any part of their previous grading levels. This ensures that nothing is lost to memory and that all facets of training are at hand.

The Bushi Kempo Academy offers National and International recognition of grades achieved.

Grading Sessions are held at each venue at regular intervals throughout the year. Generally, Junior are graded first, followed immediately afterward by the Seniors.


A student who fails to pass a grading will be permitted to re-sit the grading. The re-sit timeframe and date will be determined by the grading panel

Technique Evaluation

At Grading Sessions, techniques will be evaluated with reference to the following attributes.

Attribute Relative Weighting Attribute Relative Weighting
Distance 10 Lock 15
Stance 10 Throw 20
Posture 15 Finish 10
Evasion 15 Safety 30
Block 20 Attitude 20
Weakener 10    

The weighting values shown are provided as a means of gauging the relative importance of each attribute and not as definitive values that must be rigidly adhered to by the grading panel as each technique may not include every attribute.


Grade / Level Coloured Belt Minimum Time Interval * Pass Mark
8th Kyu White - -
7th Kyu Yellow 3 Months 50%
6th Kyu Orange 3 Months 55%
5th Kyu Green 3 Months 60%
4th Kyu Purple 3 Months 65%
3rd Kyu Blue 6 Months 70%
2nd Kyu Brown 6 Months 75%
1st Kyu Red 6 Months 80%
Shodan Ho Black with 1 white tip 6 Months 85%
1st Dan Black with 1 red tip 1 Year 95%
2nd Dan Black with 2 red tips 2 Years 100%
3rd Dan Black with 3 red tips 3 Years 100%
4th Dan Black with 4 red tips 4 Years Formal grading is no longer required for levels higher than 3rd Dan and progression is based upon a record of continuous active participation for the minimum time interval prescribed for each level.
5th Dan Black with 5 red tips 5 Years
6th Dan Black with 6 red tips 6 Years
7th Dan Black with 7 red tips 7 Years
8th Dan Black with 8 red tips 8 Years
9th Dan Black with 9 red tips 9 Years
10th Dan Black with 10 red tips 10 Years

* Minimum Time Intervals are based on attendance at a minimum of 2 training sessions per week

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