Shomen - Bushi Kempo Founders


Kancho David J. Hand

8th Dan Black Belt

founder of Bushi Kempo Ju Jitsu

1972 Opened the North Staffordshire Ju Jitsu Academy

1973 renamed it as Bushi Kempo Ju Jitsu Academy following its growth beyond the confines of the Staffordshire border

1981 renamed it as the Bushi Kempo Ju Jitsu Association and began independently licensing its own membership separate to any other martial arts body

1995 retired from administration of the Association

Shihan Ian Mason

6th Dan Black Belt

founder Bushi Kempo Ju Jitsu - Australia

1972 commenced studying Bushi Kempo Ju Jitsu under the guidance of the founding brothers of the art, Dave and Chris Hand.

1992 Opened the Beechboro dojo in October 1992 following his move to Western Australia.

Departed this life 20th July 2018.

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