Common Terminology


Students of Bushi Kempo are expected to learn the Japanese names for the various techniques included in the Syllabus. This is important when it comes to grading, as techniques will only be called out in Japanese.

In addition to the names of the various techniques, there are a number of other terms that are commonly used in the Dojo.

These are:

Bushi Warrior class of Japan
Bushido Way of the warrior
Chi Strength
Dojo Training hall
Gi Uniform
Joseki 2nd most important area of the Dojo (for the assistant instructors)
Ju Jitsu Gentle Art of self-defence
Kempo Way of the fist
Obi Belt
Rei (Rae) Bow
Randori Free Practice
Ryoku Knowledge
Sempai Non-black belt instructor
Sensei Instructor
Sensei Ne Rei Bow to Instructor
Shihan Master Instructor 5th Dan and above
Shimoza The lowest ranked area of the Dojo
Shomen (Kamiza) The front and highest point of honour in the Dojo
Tai Sabaki Evasion (as from a strike / attack)
Tatami Mat
Uke (Uki) Attacker or Assistant
hai Yes
iie No
dohmo arigatoh Thank You
doh itashi mashite You're Welcome

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